Vessel "made in Portugal" with Cotesi ropes

Published Tuesday, 23 April 2019

  • Vessel "made in Portugal" with Cotesi ropes
The first ocean vessel entirely designed and manufactured in Portugal carries the Cotesi quality seal.

The MS World Explorer, inaugurated in April 2019, represents "a reference to the renewal capacity of the country's naval industry", said António Costa, Portugal's prime minister. Cotesi was responsible for the development and supply of ropes for this innovative project.

D-TECH high-performance Cotesi ropes, with 12 strands, have been developed specifically for this vessel, adjusted to the needs raised.

This is an investment of € 70 million of the Mystic Invest group, from the entrepreneur Mário Ferreira. The vessel "MS World Explorer", which sails from Viana do Castelo in May, has capacity for 200 passengers and 110 crewmen.