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Soft Shackle by Cotesi

Soft Shackle by Cotesi

The Soft Shackle by Cotesi was designed to be a safe, lightweight and easy-to-use device, being a good replacement for steel shackles in 4x4 and recovery usages. It is made from HMWPE fibres and protected by an impregnation that improves its overall performance. Soft Shackle by Cotesi forms a closed loop with an easy open eye and a diamond stopper knot. It can be used around almost anything without damaging your vehicle.
  • Advantages
    • Extremely light;
    • Abrasion resistant;
    • UV resistant;
    • Floats in water;
    • Flexible and easy to handle; 
    • Stronger than a steel shackle of the same diameter;
    • One-piece construction;
    • Time saver - it takes less time to set up than a steel shackle.
  • Technical Informations
    Diameter Breaking Load
    mm inches kgf lbf kN
    7 9/16 8.000 17.637 78,5
    9 23/64 12.000 26.455 117,7
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