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High performance netting made of Dyneema« fibre. Its strength allows the use of twines with a smaller diameter. Dyneema when used in trawl nets allows a reduction of up to 50% on twine diameter, compared to polyamide twines of same breaking strength. Exclusive protective coating ensures excellent abrasion resistance and a longer life time.
A lighter net leads to significant less drag resistance in water and considerable fuel savings or higher towing speed.


  • Applications
    • Very high tenacity knot;
    • Very high resistance compared to twine diameter;
    • Double knot prevents knot slippage and net distortion;
    • Exclusive protecting coating;
    • Thermo-stabilized for dimensional uniformity and stability of the meshes.
  • Tecnhical Informations
    Ref.¬RunnageKnot Resistance
    1,11300 5%128▒ 10%

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