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Force-Tech high performance netting has been developed to hold stiffness and to resist abrasion, while taking full benefit of the properties of HMWPE fibres used in its production.

Force-Tech netting has a firm PE core covered by a braided HMWPE jacket, resulting in a round and stiff twine. This netting is finalized by the application of Cotesi proprietary PRO-TECH coating, a special and durable coating that improves its overall performance.

Manufactured with double knots up to 2,2mm for better mesh stability and low mesh distortion.

• Excellent abrasion resistance, light and strong
• Low drag resistance
• Double knot prevents knot slippage and net distortion
• Exclusive protective coating for improved performance

Ref.ª Runnage Knot Resistance
mm m/kg tol. kgf tol.
1,5 690 ± 5% 100 ± 10%
2,0 442 220
2,5 238 410
3,0 190 480
4,0 118 700

The above figures are for guidance purposes only, Cotesi cannot be held liable for deviations.
We reserve the right to change them without prior notice.